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Dragcave 2016 聖誕節活動(翻譯進度:0)


1. 多了個世界。
2. 人物可以shift衝刺了!還有些人有頭像了!
3. 本次目標是各種收集家具&在家裡布置,劇情共有七天。



Valkemarian Tales - Festive ExpeditionsEdit
Holidays 2016: Festive Expeditions
Explore more of Valkemare in a brand new adventure...or just decorate your house.
Festive Exp title screen This event builds on those introduced in last year's event "Valkemarian Tales - Jolly Follies", including the same mini-game style with extra additions such graphic updates and the ability to run.
W/A/S/D: Move (Alternate: Arrow keys)
Shift: Run
Space: Activate (Alternate: Enter)
Escape: Back (Alternate: Backspace, Tab)
House Editing Controls:
W/A/S/D: Move (Alternate: Arrow keys)
Q/E: Rotate Counter-clockwise/Clockwise



※ 如果和我一樣是累積了七天後一口氣做完任務的話,那請務必按照攻略完成每日任務後,回家進出一次,這樣才會出現下一天的任務!(不過第一天的五個得做完才能進出,第二天只要一個)

Day One
Number of Quests Available: 5
PERL: "Hey, <NAME>! Wake up, sleepyhead!
Good morning! Have you heard the news?
The teleporter to Alhira is open! You should go check it out!
It's right in the big building north of your house.
You know, your house is looking pretty empty.
... I bet if you helped out around town, people would give you something to decorate with.
If you don't know where to look, I heard Hand at the post office has some packages he needs delivered.
Anyways, see you around!"
Side-Quest: Parcel Delivery
→ Start by speaking to Hand at the Post Office (Nulhora Town Center map)
HAND: "Oh! Good day, <NAME>! We've got our hands full this time of year,
with so many packages to deliver. Would you be so kind as to help us out? This
package should go to (PERL/BILL), please."
Choose: 'Sure thing!' or 'Sorry, I can't.'
Sure Thing! Option:
"Thanks! When you're done, come back here and I'll have a reward for you."

Sorry, I can't Option:
"If you change your mind later, I'll be right here."
If the player speaks with Hand again before delivering the package:
HAND: "Remember, you're delivering the package to (PERL/BILL). Thanks again for your help."
When the player finds Perl or Bill:
(PERL/BILL): "Oh...? A package for me? Thanks, <NAME>!"
When the player returns to Hand:
HAND: "Oh, thank you so much! You're a real lifesaver, <NAME>. Here's something for your trouble."
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.
If the player speaks to Hand again that day:
HAND: "Thanks again for your help. Come back tomorrow and I'll probably have more work for you."
Side-Quest: Sled Race
→ Start by speaking to Abe North-West of Nulhora (North Nulhora map)
ABE: "I love sledding! I bet I'm the best at sledding in all of Nulhora!
If you beat my time of 18 seconds, I'll give you something cool!"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
ABE: "I knew it, I am the best!"

ABE: "Wait... how'd you beat me?
Well, a promise is a promise."
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.
If the player speaks with Abe after the quest's completion:
ABE: "I can't believe you beat my time!
Want to sled again?"
Selecting 'Yes' will engage the game, selecting 'No' will exit dialogue.
Side-Quest: Hide n Seek
→ Start by speaking to Bord in Alhira
(East Alhira map)
BORD: "Hiya! I'm bored. Let's play hide-and-seek!"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
BORD: "A w... [sic]"

BORD: "Okay, I'll go hide! Come find me."
Bord will hide in a random location on the current map.
BORD: "You found me! Here's your prize."
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.
If the player speaks to Bord after the quest's completion:
BORD: "You found me!"
Side-Quest: Cat Round Up
→ Start by speaking to the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon North-East of Nulhora (West Nulhora map)
RENO: "Our cats our [sic] running amok! Do you think you could help round them up?"
RONIN: "I just wanted to fit them into these tiny sweaters..."
Player needs to catch all 7 cats in the area.
RONIN: "Thank you! Now I can finally dress them up for the holidays!"
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.
After the completion of this quest, all cats in the area will be wearing season-themed sweaters.
Side-Quest: Glasses in Maze
→ Start by speaking to the person near a hedge maze South-East of Alhira (South Alhira map)
"Oh no! I lost my glasses somewhere in the hedges!
Do you think you could look for them for me? I can't see anything right now!"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
"Oh, okay. I'll wait for someone else to come"

"Find the item in the center of the maze!"
"You found them! Thank you so much!
Here's a little something for your trouble."
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.

Day Two
Number of NEW Quests Available: 2
All 5 side-quests from Day 1 are repeatable today to earn new rewards. The side-quest "Parcel Delivery" has been expanded to include Janus or Gladys/Galys as possible recipients.
PERL: "Hi, <NAME>! Good morning!
Hey, this weather... It's awfully warm, isn't it? Pretty weird, especially for this time of year.
It's so weird, nobody was ready for it at all! In fact, apparently it's weirdly cold in Alhira, and none of them were ready for it, either.
It's pretty easy for us to just put on less layers, but in Alhira it's a bigger deal, they never get snow. We've been sending over firewood to help them.
Do you want to help? Hilde's got some ready.
If you just go and get some firewood from her, and take it to Alhira, I bet everyone over there would appreciate it!"
Speaking to Hilde at the North-West corner of the North Nulhora map:
HILDE: "Oh, hey there, <NAME>! You going to help out with the firewood?
Great. Here you go."
(You get: Firewood)
"Just hurry on over to Alhira. I hear a kid with green hair's handling things over there. Jade's his name, if I'm remembering right. Drop it off with him."
Speaking to Jade after teleporting to Alhira:
JADE: "Oh, hey! You brought firewood? Thanks! What's your name? ... <NAME>? I see!
Thanks again for coming all the way out here with this firewood. It sure has been awfully cold today, this should really help us out.
Side-Quest: Find Patch
→ Start by speaking to Jade North-West of Alhira (North Alhira map)
JADE: "I can't seem to find Patch anywhere! There's just too many dogs!
Do you think you could help me find him?"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
JADE: "Well, I'll keep searching. He'll turn up eventually"

JADE: "Thanks!"
"Find Patch in the sea of other dogs."
JADE: "Patch is back! Thanks!"
Player receives: 3 random items to decorate their house with.
If the player speaks to Jade or Patch again that day:
JADE: "Patch is looking extra serious today!"
PATCH: (He's staring at you intently.)
Side-Quest: Parcel Delivery
→ New dialogue from newly added characters
When speaking to Janus with their parcel:
JANUS: "Excellent, I've been waiting for this package. You have my gratitude, <NAME>."
When speaking to Gladys/Galys with their parcel:
GLADYS/GALYS: "Oh, thank you <NAME>. I didn't know you were helping out Mr. Hand."

Day Three
Festive Exp chapter 3 banner
Number of NEW Quests Available: 1
All 6 side-quests from Day 1 and Day 2 are repeatable today to earn new rewards. The side-quest "Parcel Delivery" has been changed to have Galys as a possible recipient rather than Gladys.
As the player walks out of their house:

AVERY: "<NAME>! Hey!"
Avery enters from off-screen
AVERY: "Hey, just who I wanted to see. Could you come with me for a sec?"
Leads player to fountain
AVERY: "You probably already realized it, but this heat isn't just weird, it's unnatural. I've been trying to find the source of this problem since yesterday, but didn't have any solid answers until today.
Ansel and Luna were helping me investigate, and Luna noticed something irregular about an area up further north from Nulhora. We believe it's a temple. An ice temple, specifically.
I was going to go look by myself, but then I remembered hearing about your journey into the Guardian's temple last winter, and I was hoping you would come with me.
... You will? Great. Just let me know when you're read, and I'll ask Luna to fly us there."
Speaking to Avery at the fountain at the center of Nulhora:
AVERY: "Ready to go?"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
AVERY: "Let me know when you are."

(Screen loads with Ansel and Luna now around player)
ANSEL: "Good luck, Avery! Good luck, <NAME>! I hope you all come back safe!"
AVERY: "We will."
LUNA: "Let us be on our way, then."
Player travels to a clearing in the woods
LUNA: "The ice temple is just up ahead from here."
AVERY: "It feels strange here. This has to be the place."
LUNA: "I am sure it must be the right place."
AVERY: "Alright, <NAME>, let's go look into this and see what's wrong."
Entering temple in the north of the area:
AVERY: "<NAME>, do you feel that? It's strange, it's almost like this temple is... dead, there's no magic flowing through here.
Come on, let's get to the bottom of this. You go ahead, I'll catch up."

After navigating ice puzzle:
AVERY: "Okay, let's go."
Entering main chamber of temple:
AVERY: "<NAME>, come look at this."
Player walks to Avery in middle of temple
AVERY: "Isn't it amazing? It looks like an elemental glyph.
See this symbol in the middle? It's a symbol used to represent the element of ice.
And these dragon patterns... I don't believe I've seen any dragons that look like this before. I wonder what kind of dragon it's based on?
Whatever the case, it looks like this glyph isn't active. Something must be wrong with the temple here. It looks like there are a couple of paths from here...
I'll go check out the right side. Can you take the left side for me?"
Interacting with pedestal on left side of temple:
(It looks like something is missing here.)
Fades to black and player is back in the middle of the temple with Avery
AVERY: "So it seems there's a pedestal on either side of this temple, then... and both of them are empty.
Someone removed something from them, perhaps... ? I'm going to have to investigate this further.
For now, let's head back to Nulhora. I'll let you know what I find later."
Speaking to Avery after returning to the fountain:
AVERY: "Oh, <NAME>. I'm still investigating, but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I find something."

Day Four
Festive Exp chapter 4 banner
Number of NEW Quests Available: 1
All 6 side-quests from Day 1 and Day 2 are repeatable today to earn new rewards. The side-quest "Glasses in Maze" has been updated to have a different path each day rather than the one from the first three days.

As the player walks out of their house, 還在噴泉那邊罰站的Avery會有一個驚嘆號在他頭上,類似這樣的:

Speaking to him:

AVERY: "Oh, <NAME>. I've been making some progress on the investigations on my end. It's still snowing in Alhira, though, and if you have the time, I'd appreciate it if you would look into that."
Player teleports to Alhira and exits the Teleport house:
ZETO: "I don't get it... where could she have gone...?"
Zeto will turn to face the player.
ZETO: "... Oh! Do you need something? ... Huh? Oh.
It was just... My sister, Nana, has gone missing. I'm not sure where she could have gone off to. I'm worried about her, but I can only travel so far inland before my, uh, fins start to become a problem.
... Huh? You would really help me find her? Really?
Well... Thank you. That's incredibly kind of you, human. What's your name?
... <NAME>? That's an interesting name. My sister, perhaps unsurprisingly, looks a lot like me. We have trouble walking around without robes on when on land, so take this with you."
(You get: Thalassian Robes)
"If you find her, please have her put these on to keep her fins from getting caught up in anything. I'll look around the town for her. But if you could search the fields and jungles, I would appreciate it. Thank you so much, <NAME>."
As the player travels west of Alhira, Konai will be waiting with a quest indicator above him. Speaking to Konai:
KONAI: "Hey. You look lost. Need help? ... A thalassian? You know, I think I saw one heading south, into the jungle.
It's weird to see one so far inland, you know? Anyway, that's where I saw her last."
Travelling south from Konai's location will take the player to Zeto, waiting in robes:
ZETO: "Hello, <NAME>. I know, it is surprising to see me out here. But I got too concerned.
I wanted to leave the town, but I do not think I can travel through the jungle on my own.
... You would go with me? You're... very generous. Thank you. I'll meet with you just inside the jungle."
After continuing south into the jungle map, south into a new map and west into a new map:
ZETO: "Nana, there you are! I was worried about you."
Zeto will approach Nana.
NANA: "Brother...? How did I end up here?"
ZETO: "I don't know...?"
NANA: "... I... I'm sorry for worrying you, brother.
ZETO: "No need. Here, take your robes, let's head back to Alhira."
Screen will fade to black, and all 3 characters are returned to Alhira's marketplace.
NANA: "Wait, <NAME>... before you leave... That temple. It feels strange. Thalassians are more in tune with water than any other element, and usually, everything feels fine. But... right now, it doesn't feel stable. Um... be careful, okay?"

Day Five
Festive Exp chapter 5 banner
Number of NEW Quests Available: 1
All 6 side-quests from Day 1 and Day 2 are repeatable today to earn new rewards.
Avery will approach the player:
AVERY: "Did you find anything out yesterday?
... A water temple? In Alhira? And the thalassians thought something seemed off there, as well?
Hmm... This is too similar to be a coincidence...
<NAME>, meet me in Alhira. I'll go on ahead, so come and let me know when you're ready."

After teleporting to Alhira, Avery will be by the exit of the Teleporter house with a quest indicator:


AVERY: "Good to see you made it.
...Oh, these? Mage robes.
We may need the help of some magic on our way, and if not, well... better to be overprepared than find yourself lacking.
You said the temple was in the jungle, right? I'll meet you in the jungle, and you can show me where it is."
Upon entering the first jungle map, Avery will appear and follow the player from then on. Approaching the water temple from the previous day:
AVERY: "Oh... Yeah, you can definitely feel the shift in energy here. Something's wrong. Let's go inside and find out what..."
Avery will cast a spell that lights up the ground beneath him, with the same pattern appearing on the temple door, opening it:
AVERY: "... What, you've never seen someone cast magic like that? That's surprising.
Well, let's go inside and get to the bottom of this, <NAME>."
After entering the temple, speaking with Avery again:
AVERY: "There's a door here, and another path, but that path is flooded, I don't think we can get through there that easily. Odd. It looks like the door is locked, too... but that's nothing that magic probably can't fix."
Avery opens the next door by casting the same spell as before:
AVERY: "As expected. We can continue on through here."
Continuing through the doors and speaking to Avery again:
AVERY: "The door isn't active, so it won't respond to any magic. The pillars up here look similar to those designs on the pillars in the water.
Maybe if they're moved into the right spots... ?"


After placing them in their correct spots:

AVERY: "It looks like you've got it. And... the door is active, so it should respond to water magic now.
Let's see... This should do the trick."
Avery casts another spell to open the door.
AVERY: "It worked- good. Come on, let's go."

Continuing through the doors and speaking to Avery again:
AVERY: "More pillars, huh?"

After completing a similar pillar puzzle, Avery will cast another spell and open the door:
AVERY: "Alright, on to the next room."
Continuing through the doors and speaking to Avery again:
AVERY: "More puzzles.."

After completing a similar pillar puzzle, Avery will cast another spell and open the door:
AVERY: "It feels like the end is just past this door."
Continuing through the doors and walking forward:
AVERY: "What's this?"
(You get: Timeworn Ice Artifact)
AVERY: "<NAME>, this has to be one of the missing pieces from the pedestals in the ice temple. I'm sure of it. But... why is it here? It doesn't make any sense...
... Well, no matter... As soon as Luna is able to, we'll take it back to the ice temple and put it back where it belongs.
Come on, let's go."
Player and Avery will walk off and out of the temple- the screen will shift slightly to show a Black hatchling watching them leave.
EBEN: "(...)"

Day Six
Festive Exp chapter 6 banner
Number of NEW Quests Available: 1
All 6 side-quests from Day 1 and Day 2 are repeatable today to earn new rewards.
AVERY: "Hey."
Avery will approach the player.
AVERY: "Hey, <NAME>, I talked with Ansel and Luna. They're willing to help us get to the ice temple again. Whenever you're ready to go, come talk to me. I'll go get Luna again."
Speaking to Avery by the fountain:
AVERY: "Ready to go?"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
AVERY: "Let me know when you are."

LUNA: "You have the artifact, then?"
AVERY: "Yes, we have it right here."
LUNA: "Good. Let us be off, then."
The player and party will arrive outside the temple.
AVERY: "Let's go put this back where it belongs, then."
After the player enters the temple and navigates further in:
AVERY: "That piece looks like it should fit into the pedestal on the left. Let's go check it out."
After activating the pedestal on the left, and the artifact placed on it:
AVERY: "Imagine that, it fits perfectly. I can already feel the energy in here trying to even itself out.
But, we're still missing a piece. I wonder where...
...! The water temple. Remember the other path? Maybe if we go back, things will be a little... different, now. Let's not waste any time. Come on."
The player and Avery will travel to Alhira's Teleport house.
AVERY: "I'll head out to the jungle now. Come meet me there when you're ready."
Upon entering the jungle map, Avery wil begin following the player. Entering the water temple:
AVERY: "Would you look at that. It's not flooded anymore...
<NAME>, let's go. We need to find out what's at the end of this path."

Entering the new area and speaking with Avery again:
AVERY: "Looks like it's more puzzles on this side."

After completing the pillar puzzle, Avery will cast a spell to open the door and proceed through. Speaking to Avery again in the new room:
AVERY: "... And again."

After completing the pillar puzzle, Avery will cast a spell to open the door:
AVERY: "I would wonder what's after this door, but I think we both already know."

Following Avery to the next room and speaking to him:
AVERY: "And another one."
After completing the pillar puzzle, Avery will cast a spell to open the door:
AVERY: "Alright, this should be the end of it here. Let's see what we find..."

Following Avery through the door and into the center of the room:
(You get: Timeworn Ice Artifact)
AVERY: "Imagine that, the other one was here too."
*A rumbling sound plays*
AVERY: "It feels like things are going back to normal here, as well. Good. Let's head back now."
The player stops by the large water mana crystal in Alhira marketplace to speak with Avery:
AVERY: "Well, it looks like things are going back to normal here. Great. And I'm sure Luna will be able to help us again tomorrow.
Thank you for your help so far, <NAME>."

Chapter Seven
Festive Exp chapter 7 banner
Number of NEW Quests Available: 1
All 6 side-quests from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are repeatable today to earn new rewards.
AVERY: "<NAME>! You've got the ice artifact, right?
... Good. Luna is ready to go. So once you're ready, come talk to me and we'll get going."
Speaking with Avery by the fountain:
AVERY: "Ready to go?"
Choose: 'Yes' or 'No'
AVERY: "Let me know when you are."

ANSEL: "This is your last trip, right?"
AVERY: "Here's hoping."
ANSEL: "Good luck, <NAME>, Avery! Stay safe!"
LUNA: "Alright, let's be on our way."
After arriving at the ice temple:
AVERY: "Here we are. Hopefully, this is the last of what we have to do in order to put things right once and for all. Let's do this, <NAME>."
If Luna is spoken to:
LUNA: "Good luck."
After entering the ice temple and navigating to its center:
AVERY: "Alright, this one should go on the right pedestal, then..."
A black hatchling comes running towards the player:
(Eben takes the Timeworn Ice Artifact)
AVERY: "What the... !"
The hatchling retreats back to where Ezer is standing.
EZER: "Dream on, losers! If you want to fix this, you're going to have to go through me first!"
AVERY: "Who are you?"
EZER: "It's none of your business!"
Ezer attempts to run past the duo and leave the temple, but Avery casts an ice spell and freezes the exit solid.
EZER: "What... The door's frozen shut?!"
AVERY: "What, did you think we were just going to stand here and let you run off?"
EZER: "Well... fine!
If you want this back, you're just gonna have to find it!"
Ezer runs off-screen to the right pedestal. Speaking with Ezer:
EZER: "Tch! You... See if you can even hope to find me a second time!"
Ezer will again run off-screen. Speaking with Ezer:
EZER: "Dang it... Well, I can still outrun you!"
Ezer will again run off-screen, but is now confronted by Avery at the center of the temple. Speaking to Ezer:
AVERY: "Got you, kid."
EZER: "Hey! Let go of me!"
AVERY: "Not a chance, sorry.
<NAME>, can you get the artifact back from him?"
(You get: Timeworn Ice Artifact)
EZER: "Hey!"
AVERY: "Alright, I'll keep a hold on him, you can got and put it back."
After placing the artifact on the pedestal:
AVERY: "Good work, <NAME>."
EZER: "..."
AVERY: "Are you the one who took these?"
EZER: "... What's it to you?"
AVERY: "So, you did take it. Why?"
EZER: "..."
AVERY: "... ?"
EZER: "I...
... I...
... I-I'm so sick of... of seeing everyone else get so happy around this time of year, ok?! They're all so cheery, and going around celebrating with their friends with these stupid smiles on their faces... and I don't... have any friends..."
AVERY: "You... don't have any friends?"
EZER: "N-no..."
AVERY: "...
...Okay. I understand."
EZER: "What...? You understand?"
AVERY: "Yeah. I do. What's your name, kid?"
EZER: "... Ezer."
AVERY: "Okay, Ezer. Come on, let's go back to Nulhora. There are a lot of nice people there, you know. Ones who'd be happy to be your friends. And there are some nice dragons, like Bord, who could be friends with... what's his name?"
EZER: "Eben..."
AVERY: "... with Eben. And we'll come with you and introduce you to everyone. Alright?"
EZER: "...I... but..."
AVERY: "No buts, come on. <NAME> and I will be there too. It'll be okay."
EZER: "... o-okay..."
All 4 characters can now be seen standing together at Nulhora town's fountain, with Avery, Ezer and Eben looking to the player.
Story complete! All side quests can be repeated to unlock furniture.
Thanks for playing!
Speaking with Ezer:
EZER: "Oh... Hey, <NAME>.
I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused... but...
I guess I realise now that other people aren't too bad after all..."
Speaking with Eben:
EBEN: "(He seems a lot less tense now.)"
Speaking with Avery:
AVERY: "Hey <NAME>. ... hm? Oh, him.
I guess he's still not used to being around a lot of people, so he's sticking with me for now.
Thanks again for all your help, <NAME>."

General InteractionsEdit
Nulhora Town Center
Speaking to Magi Dragon at the teleport house:
"Want to teleport to the other side?"
Yes > "Okay, just step onto the platform."
No > "Come back any time."
Speaking to Joe in the shop:
JOE: "Hello, <NAME>. Got all of your present shopping done?"
Speaking to Janus the Holly Dragon:
JANUS: "Hello, <NAME>. Enjoying yourself?"
Interacting with Eben the Black Dragon hatchling (Day 1):
EBEN: "..."
Speaking to Ezer (Day 1):
EZER: "Tch, what do you want? I don't have time to be messing around with you.
Come on Eben, we have things to do."
Ezer and Eben will leave at this point.
Speaking to Krys:
KRYS: "That teleporter is helping us trade more with Alhira."
Speaking to Wes:
WES: "Nulhora has changed a lot in a year!"
Speaking to Andrs:
ANDRS: "Hmm... I need to get some food."
Speaking to Avery (Day 1):
AVERY: "Oh, hey <NAME>. It's been a while."
Speaking to Perl (no quests active):
PERL: "Hey, <NAME>! How's your house decorating going?"
Speaking to Bill (no quests active):
BILL: "Hi, <NAME>!"
North Nulhora
Speaking to Galys in her house (no quests active):
GALYS: "Oh, hello!"
Speaking to Gena:
GENA: "Boo! Hah, I got you good."
Speaking to Meg:
MEG: "I wonder if I should go back to the Alhira market soon."
Speaking to Robin:
ROBIN: "Quilt has been acting incredibly unruly lately..."
Speaking to Don:
DON: "That dragon up ahead won't let anyone get by..."
Walking up to Quilt:
QUILT: "Careful where you're going! You almost stepped on my yarn!"
East Nulhora
Speaking to Erik:
ERIK: "I'm Erik Erikson, and I'm fine. Everything is fine."
Speaking to Alesa near her garden:
ALESA: "Oh dear, I hope my flowers don't get damaged. I'm so excited about my peonies this year."
West Nulhora
Speaking to Liud outside his farm:
LIUD: "Ah, hello, <NAME>. Nice to see you out here. Come to see the reindeer?"
Speaking to Will on a bench:
WILL: "That dragon over there really loves cats..."
Alhira Marketplace
Speaking to Maya at stall with scrolls:
MAYA: "The marketplace here is one of the most diverse in the area because of all the ports."
Speaking to Adler outside toy stall:
ADLER: "My kids are getting too old for toys... maybe a wood-carving set?"
Speaking to Burus at toy stall:
BURUS: "I work very hard on these toys. Feel free to look around."
Speaking to Vera:
VERA: "What should I even get for Jin.... ?"
Speaking to Vex in south-east:
VEX: "... What? I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm just brooding."
Speaking to Liss at bakery stall:
LISS: "You know, I heard there was a really skilled baker in Nulhora. I still think my pies are better."
Speaking to Romeo in north-west:
ROMEO: "<NAME>! It's been a while! How are you? I'm doing great now that I've moved here to Alhira."
Speaking to either of the Thalassians outside the teleporter house (Day 2):
ZETO: "Hm? You look concerned... is there something on my face?"
NANA: "Oh... is it possible you've never seen a Thalassian before?"
ZETO: "Ah, maybe that is the case. You do look like you are not from here, after all, so maybe our appearance is surprising.
Well, my name is Zeto, and this is Nana, my sister. It's nice to make your acquaintance."
NANA: "It's nice to meet you."
North Alhira
Interacting with Huan in the field:
HUAN: (He's wagging his tail happily at you.)
Speaking to Sammy in the field:
SAMMY: "Have you seen any chickens around? Oh, no, I didn't lose any. I just like watching chickens."
Interacting with Mune in the field:
MUNE: (He's pawing around, chasing bugs on the ground.)
Speaking to Heath in the sandy area:
HEATH: "This is a really cool rock."
East Alhira
Speaking to Sanne on a bench:
SANNE: "I'm lost."
Speaking to Milly:
MILLY: "I'm going to interview the dragons on the beach for a piece I'm writing. Wish me luck!"
Speaking to Jin in a stall:
JIN: "I'm still not sure of what to get my wife for the holidays..."
Speaking to Orela on the beach:
ORELA: "Bord is really enjoying it here in Alhira. <NAME>, I'm sure he would be excited to play with you if you wanted.
...Huh? Strange to see us out this far? Well, we're on vacation. Of course dragons go on vacation."
Speaking to Kuno on the beach:
KUNO: "Oh! <NAME>! Fancy seeing you here. Isn't the can beautiful?"
Alhira Docks
Speaking to Gus on the dock:
GUS: "Sorry, move out the way! Got lots of things to move!"
Speaking to Roth on the dock:
ROTH: "The fish caught here are some of the best and biggest around."
Speaking to Finn on the dock:
FINN: "Whee! Nothing beats a long walk this time of year."
Speaking to Mira on the eastern dock:
MIRA: "Pirates took my dog, so if they return, I'm going to set their ship on fire."
Speaking to Dusty on a docked ship:
DUSTY: "We use these boats to collect fish and light co [sic]"
South Alhira
Speaking to Ranko near Merry:
RANKO: "Did you know? Mages where special robes. Human mages anyways."
Speaking to Merry on a bench near Ranko:
MERRY: "Did you know? Dragon scales can be used to make awesome crafts."
Speaking to Ellis:
ELLIS: "Ah, the sun. How glorious is it."
Speaking to Ivory:
IVORY: "The ocean is so beautiful this time of year."
Speaking to Max in the pub:
MAX: "Woah, nice, uh... parka? Aren't you warm in that?"
Speaking to Stan in the pub:
STAN: "The tea here really is incredible!"
Speaking to Alec in the pub:
ALEC: "Man, my feet are sore from all that walking around at the dock."
Speaking to Yvete in the pub:
YVETE: "It's so nice to relax after a long day's work."
Speaking to Siggy in the inn:
SIGGY: "Good day! Are you from Nulhora? If you ever get the urge to stay here for a while, you'll have the best dreams here!"
Speaking to Leah in the inn:
LEAH: "The pub's owner and the inn keeper don't particularly get along. I think it's because they look alike, and it makes them feel awkward."
Approaching Konai:
KONAI: "You can't go there! There's some trees down that we're trying to clear out!"

General Sprites Description
Festive Exp decorate icon House decorating icon
Festive Exp quest icons Festive Exp checkmark Side quest icons and check mark
Festive Exp quest indicator Active story quest indicator- characters showing this can be spoken to to continue the main story quest
Festive Exp perl portraits Perl portraits
Festive Exp janus portrait Festive Exp holly dragon Janus portrait & sprite
Festive Exp magi portrait Festive Exp magi dragon Magi Dragon portrait & sprite
Festive Exp liud portrait Liud portrait
Festive Exp ezer portrait Ezer portrait
Festive Exp eben portrait Eben portrait
Festive Exp huan portrait Huan portrait
Festive Exp jade portrait Jade portraits
Festive Exp Spark portrait Patch portrait
Festive Exp mune portait Mune portrait
Festive Exp avery portrait
Festive Exp avery mage portraits Avery portraits
Festive Exp konai portrait Konai portraits
Festive Exp hilde portrait Hilde portraits
Festive Exp zeto portraits Zeto portraits
Festive Exp Nana portraits Nana portraits
Festive Exp ansel portrait Ansel portrait
Festive Exp luna portrait Luna portrait
House Insides Description
Festive Exp player home default Player's home at the start of game
Maps Description
Festive Exp town map Nulhora Town Center


Characters (from left to right):
Name: Liud
Age: 60's (Male)
Height: 6' 4"
Occupation: (Miniature) Reindeer Rancher

Liud (a character returning from last year) is Nulhora's miniature reindeer rancher-- the reindeer being one of the mementos left over from his wife, who passed away some time before the events of Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies.

Name: Ansel
Age: 19 (Male)
Height: 5' 8"
Occupation: Delivery boy

The Best and Fastest Parcel Delivery Boy Nulhora's Ever Seen (tm), Ansel, is also a returning character from Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies. The Solstice that helped locate him last year, Luna, is now his friend and partner, and she helps him fly around Nulhora and surrounding areas to help deliver mail right on time (and help certain people get to far away Ice Temples, right?). His chipper attitude never seems to change... unless he gets embarrassed. He also doesn't like heights, but after spending time with Luna, he's grown accustomed to flying around on her back.

Name: Hilde
Age: Early 30's (Female)
Height: 5' 9"
Occupation: Lumberjack

Hilde is another returning character from Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies. She's Nulhora's resident lumberjack and has quite the feisty and exciting attitude, and doesn't take anything from anyone. She has a daughter named Gerte.

Name: Perl
Age: Teens (Female)
Height: 5' 4"
Occupation: (does Snowa's best friend count?)

The player's friend, Perl, is another returning character from Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies. She's an upbeat girl with emotions that may or may not be a little too obvious when they probably shouldn't be (oh, uh, yeah, ahaha, about that super empty house...) and has a rather interesting fashion sense. She has a younger cousin named Vala.

Name: Konai
Age: Late 30's (Male)
Height: 6' 4"
Occupation: Hunter/Lumberjack

Name: Jade
Age: 15 (Male)
Height: 5' 6
Occupation: (Does trying to find his pet Patch count?)

Konai is Alhira's resident lumberjack and a skilled hunter. Tree collapses in the jungle? Konai's probably on it... and probably keeping you out of harm's way. (And probably blocking your way to a cool water temple. Sorry!)

Jade (and his dog, Patch) are known around Alhira for their help in collecting the luminous coral that's found in the area. Patch, though he's Jade's number one helper and best friend, still manages to wander off every now and then in a sudden bout of independence... much to Jade's dismay, because Patch then gets lost in a sea of dogs, and you absolutely need to go help him. (Whoops.)

Name: Nana
Age: ??? (Female)
Height: 6' 1"
Occupation: Thalassian trader

Name: Zeto
Age: ??? (Male)
Height: 6' 7"
Occupation: Thalassian trader

Nana and Zeto, the younger sister and older brother Thalassian duo, are seen every now and again on land, interacting with the humans that live in Alhira. Nana has an interest in humans, and finds the way that they live and things that they make fascinating, in a somewhat childlike way. Her brother, Zeto, is more serious (and cautious), and is rather protective of Nana. It seems that, over time, they have grown used to the humans in Alhira, and vice-versa (though they still get strange looks from those that are unaccustomed to the sight of a Thalassian).

Name: Avery
Age: 24 (Male)
Height: 6' 3"
Occupation: ??? / Mage

Avery is a character returning from both Snow Warning (as Aurora's rider) and Valkemarian Tales: Jolly Follies (as a brief appearance in the last day). He was revealed to be a mage in Festive Expeditions, though he's gained a rather well-rounded skill set due to necessity, as he travels by himself. He's not one for a lot of words, but he does seem to like joining up with 'Snowa' and solving problems that need solved. Aside from his connection with 'Snowa,' he does not particularly know much of the others in Nulhora, due to the fact that he's constantly traveling--he is also not from Nulhora, but he does occasionally stop by to visit 'Snowa.'

Name: Ezer
Age: 10 (Male)
Height: 4' 9"
Occupation: ??? / Thief

Ezer has his reasons for not liking people, the reason for that being he's without family and friends-- he's an orphan, from the slums that used dark magic and thievery to get by. He got caught thieving one day and ran away to avoid being punished, and has been traveling alone with his Alt Black Dragon hatchling, Eben. His personality is prickly, but beneath it all, he's just trying to do what's right for himself-- though maybe he needs to learn when things go too far. (This isn't exactly touched on much in the game itself because it is a rather touchy subject, especially during the holidays, but it's now being made available here.) Avery, being a lone mage himself, gets that Ezer is probably lonely and closed off, and takes him under his wing.
(Now Avery has an accidental little brother? Whoops...)

(Avery as a Water Mage, in "Blusang robes")

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