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Dragcave 2018 情人節活動(翻譯進度:沒翻譯請龍摘花部分)


Valentine’s 2018: Flowers and Dragons

As you walk along looking for flowers, a thunderous belch echoes through the air. Looking in the direction of the noise, you see a trail of uprooted plants that have clearly been chewed on. Following the trail leads you to a huge male Colossus contentedly devouring everything in sight.

1. 請龍出去找花。
2. 用他們找回來的花種類來寫信給別人。




基本款 basic     六柱體款 hexagons

凱爾特款 celtic     裝飾風格款 deco

皇室款 royal      玫瑰款 rose

可愛款 cute    藍花款 blue flowers

水晶款 crystals    沙灘款 beach

中世紀款 medieval      魚骨紋款herringbone

中世紀基本款 medieval basic     卷軸款 scroll







You step in and interrupt the Script dragon that's talking an Almandine's ears off. She is quick to excuse herself from the conversation and turns to you, greeting you with a polite, albeit stiff, nod.

...What do you want?

Oh. Yeah, sure, I can get you a nice gift for your friends.

...I won't take too long.

...I know you asked for a flower, but these are nicer.

Almandine Garnet
A large, bright garnet that appears to have been "polished" by intense heat.Get

...Wasn't that big gem enough?


You spot a bright green dragon shuffling around nervously. As you approach her, the gems along her back begin to rapidly fluctuate in brightness. She fixes her hair and gives you what you hope is an attempt at a big smile.

Oh, hey there! It's a beautiful day out today, isn't it? Do you think I'm beautiful?

Oh, you just want something from me? Figures... Can't we just talk?

Fine. I'm not very good at this kind of stuff... But I can try...

I searched all day for this! I hope you love it! What did you get me?

Almond Bloom
This is just a simple almond nut flower.

You want more? Was the one I got you before not good enough?

I tried really hard this time. I think I chipped my antler. Do I look okay? I hope it's okay...

Gumnut Bloom
This flower feels very rough.

I knew you hated those other flowers! I'm sorry! I tried! I promise this one will be the best!

Please tell me you love it...

These blooms are very fragrant.

More? But I got you so many! You haven't gotten me anything! You're just using me. You don't love me!


A little ways away from the gathering of dragons sits a familiar black hatchling. He seems to be glaring at you.

<He flicks his tail like a cat.>

<The troublesome black dragon leaps away from you.>

<With a mischievous smirk he hands you something>

Avatar of Destruction Scale
You really hope this is a fake.


You see a friendly Arsani, and she looks rather bored. She's given you lots of gifts in the past, maybe she can help you again.

Oh hey there!? Can I help you?
I'll be glad to help!

I'm going to find you the BEST flowers!

Look what I found! Do you like them!?

This flower smells sweet but makes your tongue go numb when eaten.

I'll find the bestest most beautiful flowers you can ever imagine!


This flower is sticky and brightly colored.

I can't find anything else! Maybe ask someone else?


You see a balloon dragon poke its head out from under some bushes.

Hi! A storm blew me away. Blew me right into this bush!
You look like a nice human; I bet you have lots of friends.

An event! I'll give everyone flowers. Do you want a flower too?

A nice "flower!" Take it!

Balloon Flower
This cheers you up.

Oh! Another! I'll get your favorite!

Here. Take it.

Paper Flower
It seems like it was made with care and love; don't lose it.

Come float with me.


Ahead you see a Blacktip Dragon sitting in a mud puddle. It appears to be chewing on a map.

I seem to have been blown off course. Can you point me towards the ocean?
A flower? Like those smelly plant things? I guess I could...

Okay, but when I get back, you have to give me directions.

I stole this out of someone's yard.

Wind Crucifer
This flower's long petals are twisting in the breeze.

Another one? Look, I have a long journey ahead of me.

Okay, last one. Now which way do I go?

Fever Flower
Consuming this flower is said to cause intense hallucinations.

You have no idea where the ocean is, do you?

You look around desperate for help, spying a napping Bleeding Moon. You shrug—he might know where to find some good flowers.

Grrrooaaarrr, What are you doing here, Human! Can't you see I'm busy. Oh fine—What do you want?
You want me to find a flower for you? Sure, if it will get you out of my face quicker.

Pushy little snack, aren't you? Fine. I'm going, I'm going.

Here. This should make you happy. A nice Night Bloom.

Queen of the Night Lily
This flower is as black as night, and its strong perfume makes you slightly dizzy.

What, you want more. Seriously? You are testing my patience, Human!

There, don't say I don't treat guests nicely—now be gone!

Bleeding Hearts
This flower looks like a weeping broken heart, leaving you feeling sad.

You really can't take a hint can you?

Here, smelling this reminds me of your sweet company.

Corpse Lily
Ugh—this flower is pretty but it smells like a dead animal.

I thought I told you to go away.

As you walk along a river, a large head suddenly emerges from underneath the water. It is a young adult Blue Banded dragon who looks a bit confused.

Hello? Who are you? What are you doing here?
You would like me to find you a flower? I know where the flowers are!

I will go get you a flower!

I brought you this flower! Are you going to eat it?

These can grow into an overwhelming tangle, from which sprouts large blooms.

※ 關於這個植物:

Here is a little background information regarding the Mindvine:

As the name may suggest, it is a twining plant, and a rather large one. Mostly the plant consists of stem and leaves, but the flowers can also reach a fair size, though it may vary among sub-types. The flower depicted is probably about 5 inches or 12 centimeters wide, and the way I imagine it, the petals contain magi mana. The Mindvine isn't based on any flower in particular.

The description was originally meant to say:

"A Mindvine can grow into an overwhelming tangle, from which sprout large and inspiring blooms."

This was apparently changed, however, probably due to the character limit.

I can get another! I know where they are!

Look! I found more! Flowers are good; they don't move so I can find them. I wish I could find my family.

This is a nice flower, but something tells you that you probably shouldn't eat it.

I looked, but I couldn't find any more flowers. I can get you a fish instead! No? Okay then...

A graceful dragon flies above you. You wave to him, and he chirps a hello.

<He chirps excitedly at you>
<He keeps chirping at you in a questioning tone>

<Flying off he gives you one last chirp.>

<He is chirping very excitedly>

Uhh... what was this flower called again?

<He gives you a sad chirp and flys off.>

As you look around you spy a Brimstone humming to himself...at least you think he is humming..he might just have indigestion.

Ah, hello my fine squishy friend! What brings you here this glorious day?
Oh yes, the time you humans think about mating. We dragons know all about wooing of mates.

I shall seek out the finest trinket...oh.. you want a flower. Very well.

I have searched far and found this delight of the senses for you.

This plant has very small, plain flowers, but boy does it half stink.

Oh, eager to impress I see. I will see what I can do.

There—A glory fit for the finest of mates!

This is actually a cluster of flowers. Its odor makes you hesitant to study it.

What do mean they stink? OK, OK, I'll find a delight that is less... delightful if you prefer.

There you go my small friend, a grand bloom that you will note does not stir the senses so much.

This flower is huge.

I do not think I can find a flower more exquisite than the ones I have already found for you.

You spot a dragon resting in the darkest possible shade patch. Thinking he might be lonely, you decide to approach him, only to be startled when he opens his eyes and cautiously watches you come closer.

Interesting that you approach me...what is it you want from me?
A...flower? My kind is not...good...with plants....

Well, fine, if that's really what you want.

I got scratched getting this one...you'd best enjoy it.

This flower's sticky petals make your fingers numb when you touch it.

Mmm... Another one?

I found these...they used to be a flower. What? They're too creepy? I think they're delightful.

Strange Seedpods
Whatever this was, it's dead now. All that's left are some creepy seed pods.

More? But I'm tired... Someone else can help you, I'm sure.

You feel a slight rush of air as a Chrono Xenowyrm glides past and then turns around to face you.

<The Chrono stares at you, then dips its head in a polite nod.>
...You'd like a flower?

<The Chrono nods once, then waves its tail as if urging you to leave.>

Here. For you.

Time Blossum
This looks like the flowers that grow on Chrono Xenowyrms.

<The Chrono sends a telepathic pulse of calm disinterest, then glides off into the trees.>

As you walk along looking for flowers, a thunderous belch echoes through the air. Looking in the direction of the noise, you see a trail of uprooted plants that have clearly been chewed on. Following the trail leads you to a huge male Colossus contentedly devouring everything in sight.

Me is hungry, tiny human-thing! Did you bring me anything to eat?
You want me to find flower-things? Do they taste good? Can me eat some?

Me will find you the most delicious flower-thing ever.

Me find these strange flower-things with a dragon buried under them!

There is a very angry Vine dragon in the distance.

Me will find more. Me finds many things while looking for yummies.

This tree has many flower-things on it! You pick one, me will eat the rest.

Regal Moonberry
This uprooted tree is covered in hundreds of tiny blossoms.

Me is too hungry to find anything else for tiny human-thing today! Go away!

The Rainbow Copper dragon appears to be asleep. The green tarnish on his scales leads one to believe he's a very old dragon.

You. What do YOU want. Go away, I'm busy.
Why would I get anything for you? Humans, always coming around and bothering me.

Alright, alright. No need to get upset. I'll see what I can find.

Here. Don't say I never did anything for you. Are you happy now?

Grass flower
Is that a piece of grass? Oh well, technically it has a flower on it.

More? Kids today. Never satisfied. Keep your voice down. I'm going, aren't I?

Is this better? Well, it better be—because that's it. I'm done.

Milkweed Thistle
You are sure this was just pulled from someone's garden...it looks like a weed.



The flower is always facing the sun.

I'm not going back out. Get somebody else to do it. I want a nap.

You turn the corner and see a Dusk Pygmy, stretching after waking up. You know he loves shiny things, maybe you can convince him that flowers are shiny enough.

Oh hey! I was just getting ready to be awesome. Need something?
I'll be happy to help!

Just a minute, be right back!

Look what I found!

These flowers glow brightly like lanterns.

※ 關於這個植物:
 the Glowbells, I think the concept behind them is pretty straightforward

Just a minute, be back before you blink!

I thought this was cool.

It smells amazing, but you probably shouldn't eat it.

You know, I'm kind of done looking for flowers.

You spot a huge black dragon bathing in the sun, as you come closer he is rolling with his eyes.

What do you want from me?!
A flower... Are you serious? Don't you see that I have more important things to do?

Well, if you ask so friendly I can't say no to you...

I got one but I accidentally sneezed on it... looks like I was allergic to that one; I hope the flower is ok?

Is this flower on fire?

You want another one? You know what happened to the last one I brought to you...

I found those close to my cave up in the mountains.

Kagaya Canina
The blue parts on this flower glow in the dark.

I can't find more... and now leave me alone, I have other things to do!

Before you lounges a trio of glimmering dragons. Blue, red as well as a small brown one with green markings of some sort. You decide to approach the blue who is admiring his reflection in a nearby pond.

Hello! Always a pleasure to meet a fan. Charmed, I'm sure! I am *quite* amazing!
You want me to find you things? I mean... I can. I AM the best! I will prove it.

You were right to choose me for such a task human! Surely I will find the best flowers!

See! I found this, it's the BEST color too! I am truly the better than my siblings!

Blue lily
This flower is a very specific shade of blue.

Ha! I knew it! No one else can find flowers such as I can! A moment and I will find you another.

I found this super rare thing for you. I'd keep it, but I already have like 5 of them, you may have it.

Ribbon Bloom
It appears to be made out of ribbons but feels like glass.

I hate to disappoint my fans, but I cannot. I had a few flowers saved...they are missing, though...

You see a small hatchling who seems determined to get into trouble. In an effort to try and distract it from pulling a vine dragon's tail you decide to talk...what could go wrong?

Flowers? What are you gonna do with those? Eat 'em? That's pretty weird.

To each his own I guess. First I have mess with my brother. Can't let his head get any bigger!

Here ya go, I found this for you. Two for the price of one.

Parasitic bloom
This blue flower has a parasite growing out of it.

More? My GRAND brother or BEAUTIFUL sister couldn't? <giggles> Yeah, no problem.

This one really caught me eye.

This flower can see you.

Again? Well..I might have an idea where to find some.

I found this for you. It's pretty sweet. I stole it from my Bro. But that is our little secret <snicker>

Soulglow Bells
This flower glows a soft blue in the night.

Sorry but I'm kind of in the middle of the best prank ever now.<giggles> DON'T tell my sister!!

You see a gleaming red dragon who appears frustrated with a tiny hatchling jumping all around her, as you step in to chat she perks up while shoving the small hatchling aside.

A pleasure it is for you to meet me. I know, amazing aren't they! They are my natural scales!
I have quite the collection of beautiful things if desire... flowers? Um... ok...

I'll return with something beautiful. Please keep an eye on my green brother. He might eat things.

See human, I have brought you a flower of the MOST beautiful color.

Gaudy Flower
This red flower has little gems in the petals.

More Flowers? I guess it would be within my abilities to find another, perhaps a more dazzling one, even.

Hmph, as you can see a flower far surpassing the first one. You were right to ask me, small human.

Tacky Flower
It feels like silk, but smells like fruit.

Again? Ugh, fine.

Almost the right color...anyways, I need to keep an eye on my bratty brother.

These flowers smell like butter, weird.

Hey, look, I can't. The brat just ate something he shouldn't have, someone needs to watch him.

You notice a little Fleshcrowne is bouncing up and down in the corner, completely unable to contain his excitement. He seems to be waiting for you to greet him.

Hi! Me is so happy to meet you! Do you need anything? Me would LOVE to help!
Flowers? Me LOVES flowers! Me can get flowers!

Me will go get flowers for you! Don't move!

Me found this! Me hopes you LOVE it! It is favorite! It smells like candy!

This sweet smelling flower emits a soft glow at night.

You want more?? ME would LOVE to find more for you!! DON'T MOVE!!!


Blue Creeper
This flower clings to anything that touches it.

More?!?! Yes me find more!!!

Me find more! Hopes you LOVE it! It is favorite! This one spins!

You don't have the heart to tell the dragon this is not actually a flower.

Me find this cave! And it had a waterfall! And a rock! And... Oh yeah... Did you need something?

You wander out to try and look for flowers yourself, when suddenly part of the forest floor rears up! It was a napping Xenowyrm!

Ah... <yawns> Hello, small one. I was just taking a rest. What are you doing here?
Hm? You were looking for flowers? Ah, I can find you one.

Just wait a moment, I won't be long.

Here you are. This should be a wonderful flower.

Kokio Kea
This tropical flower is very fragrant.

Oh? You're giving them as gifts? Well, I can certainly find you another then.

...This, er, isn't a flower, but I thought it would also make a lovely gift.

Round smol friend.

Good luck with your gifts, but I'd like to get back to my nap now.

Overhead a Garland dragon turns graceful circles and loops. She looks like she might be flying low enough that you could ask her help.

<a sound that is not sound echoes in your head> Greetings.You seek something. May I assist?
<her agreement echoes in your head> Of course I will aid you. Only say what it is you seek.

What a lovely thought. I have little experience with flowers that you seek, but I will do my best.

I did not find "flower" but here is a bit of life mana crystal. Surely this is better than "flower."

This is a piece of Life Mana crystal, not a flower

Very well, I shall make another attempt, if flower is truly where your need lies.

Is this what you asked for? It seems such a plain thing for you to set such store by it.

Silver Conifer Blossom:
These colorful conifers bloom only in late winter.

<her regret echoes softly in your head> I need mana now. Please to ask another to aid your quest.

A Guardian is pleasantly lounging around, and looks up as you approach.

Hello, human. You live in the same settlement as my friend, how nice.
A flower? I was waiting for my friend, but I'm early, so I can help you.

I'll be back with a flower soon. If my friend shows up, let her know I'll be back soon.

Here, this one is lovely, isn't it?

Snowfall Lily
The air around this flower is frigid. You should probably let it go.

Oh, ok...but I don't want to go to far while I'm waiting for her.

I rather like this one.

Lesser Celandine
It blooms early, often before the last frost of the winter.

Hm... Well, I guess since she's still not here, I can get you another one, sure.

Here we are, this one's rather neat. And-oh, hey, there's my friend! Great timing.

Snow Flower
This flower is made of delicate spirals of colored crystalline mana.

Heh, sorry, I'm going to be spending the rest of the day with my friend.

All the nearby dragons abruptly start sniffing the air as the faint aroma of chocolate wafts on the breeze. A large Heartseeker struts into the clearing and pauses at the pond for a drink.

Hello friend. I've no time to tarry, for I've matchmaking to do. Yet you seem in need of my help.
You want me to find flowers? Why? Can't you see I've work to do?

Hm, I see. I don't know much of human customs, but I can look while I matchmake today.

Here is one. I hope your mate likes it. I must return to my duties.

These lilies incite giggles with their pink petals that attract hummingbirds.

You are persistent, friend. I am taking another route now, so I will look again.

This one is quite lovely, I think. I added some musk to it.

Feather aechmea
This flower resembles a beautiful plume.

※ 關於這個植物:
I would say the Feather Aechmea, loosely based on the actual Aechmea - a popular houseplant - except made to look softer, fuller and fluffier, like a tuft of fur or a clump of decorative feathers. I assume it's nice to the touch. 

I have done all I can for you. Others are depending on me now.

You spot a young female Hellfire bossing around a small group of hatchlings. They look terrified. Against your better judgment, you decide to approach her.

Ugh, what? I'm busy; make it snappy!
Shouldn't you be the one getting ME flowers?

...Alright darling; I will humor you.

It has an amusing name. You're welcome.

You expected something gruesome considering the name.


A young male Hellfire appears to be hiding from a bossy female. You sidle over into his hiding place.

Grr... Oh, it's just a human. What do you want? And keep it down!
Huh? You want flowers? I... yeah, okay, fine. I guess.

...Don't tell my sister over there I'm gone, or you'll regret asking me.

Here. Take it and go.

Stinging Nettle
This is definitely more sting than nettle.

Stop coming over here, she'll find me!

Amidst all these unfamiliar dragons is an old holly you know quite well. He gives you a warm smile as you approach.

It has been many years since I've seen this many dragons gathered. What a treat for my old bones!
What a delightful event; I would enjoy getting you a flower.


Not quite the right season, but I think you can forgive an old man for a little joke.

This reminds you of an old friend.

Haha, I am sorry but perhaps you would do better making new friends.

A rush of wind and thundering hoofbeats fly by you—you've nearly stumbled into a herd of racing Horse Dragons! Maybe one of these dragons would lend their speed to you in your search for the perfect flower. When you wave, a large male breaks away from the group and runs up to you.

Greetings, friend of dragons. What troubles do you bring this day?
Your quest is to find flowers? I would be honored to assist you.


Here is a fragrant blossom sure to win the heart of one's true love.

This daisy-like flower shakes whenever you touch it.

Fear not, I shall return with one even fairer than the last.

No fair princess or handsome prince could resist such majesty!

This rare flower has been cultivated in royal gardens for centuries.

My quest is complete—you must win your love's heart on your own.

A large dragon's shadow suddenly looms over you, and you turn around to find a Khusa standing there, feathers fluffed. He recognizes you and settles down to rest, looking sheepish.

Hello, hello! Sorry about that...I didn't recognize you at first. What can I help you with?
Flowers? Gladly! I'll find you some lovely flowers.


I found this! it looked better among the rocks where I found it...it's quite out of place here, isn't it?

This flower's petals mimic the sandstone where it grows.

More? Well, let's see what I can find this time!

Quite a strange flower, no? It's very beloved where I come from.

Watercup Bloom
This desert bloom's fleshy "petals" form a bowl to collect what little rain falls.

I've found everything I could! I'm sure someone else has more, though.

A beautiful dragon is curled up on a large rock, bathing in the sun and grooming himself incessantly. He doesn't look like he wants to be bothered, but you decide to approach him anyway.

*yawns* Can I help you? I'm a little busy, so make it quick, eh.
You want me to get flowers for you...? *sigh*

I guess I can do that... As soon as I fix my hair.

I found this. It matches my eyes. You're welcome.

This flower is surprisingly large and has a strong scent of peaches and citrus.

You want more? Well, we sure are needy today aren't we?

This one goes great with my hair. You're welcome

This beautiful flower seems to shift colors in the light... Or does it...?

I changed my mind. You can find stuff yourself can't you?

When you glance over you see a Dark Lumina, he has been eyeing you for a while. Did he just lick his lips?!

Oh hello, want to come into my dark lair? I'm hungry—I MEAN LONELY, I'm "lonely."
Well... if I do it can I eat you? I MEAN TALK WITH YOU.

Yum—I mean "ok."

Here's a flower I found. I hear it makes a good seasoning too.

This flower stings your fingers and leaves welts whenever you touch it.

You really are pushing your luck, you know that?

Here's another flower. It looks tasty, just like you.

This flower keeps trying to bite you.

Either let me eat you or go away!

Not far away from you is a Lumina, picking and fussing over his scales. As you come near he looks at you obviously irritated but there is something in his gaze that thinks he might just help you.

Oh hello there. Why do you require my attention?
You want flowers? As if I don't have better things to do...

Well I guess since you ask so nicely...

Hey, I found these. They aren't as beautiful or shiny as me but you will have to live with it.

This flower is extremely light and glows in the dark.

Are you sure you don't have anyone else to do this?! I guess I can go again....

Let's face it, you'll never find a flower as beautiful as me, so have one of my old scales.

Lumina Scale
This isn't a flower! It would seem the Lumina was unimpressed with flowers.


You see before you a magi dragon, apparently lost in throught. As you approach, he quickly snaps back to reality.

Wha-what? Oh, hello there. How can I be of service?
Hm...foraging isn't my forte, but I'll see what I can do.

Please check back in a few minutes. I think I have an idea.

I didn't know where to find a flower, so I made one! I hope it suffices.

Mage Echo
This flower is made of pure energy. It seems to be two-dimensional.

If you'll excuse me, I'm actually quite busy.

A small green dragon appears to be hiding behind a few rocks. You decide to approach it.

AHH!!! Oh m-my GoN! Y-y-you sc-scared me! Pleased to m-meet you. I-I-I hope...
F-f-flowerss? I... Know where some f-flowers are... I think...

A-as long as you promise not to scare me again, I-I-I can go get you some.

Here you a-are. I tripped and f-f-fell on it on the way back... So I-I hope it's still ok...

Hero's Lily
Seeing this flower makes you feel oddly heroic, like you could take on anything.

Mm-m-more? Uh.. Yeah. I-I guess I can find more...

I-i liked this f-flower so I got it a-a-again. I hope that's ok...

Silent Princess
Thought to be extinct this flower represents rebirth.

Uh.. I-I-I... Stepped on the r-rest... I'm s-sorry. I don't know where any more are...

The giant mutamore sitting underneath a tree seems to be grumpy. You decide to talk to him anyway.

Hmph, what do you want?
Do I look like the type to go flower picking?


I found this giant flower.

The ridges of the ridgebloom's petals are sharp. Handle with care.

Isn't that one enough? You should ask someone else.

A Nilia is running back and forth like crazy. As you approach him you catch him by surprise and he jumps back from you hissing slightly. When he recognises you he walks slowly up to you like he always knew it was you all along.

Oh hello there. You shouldn't sneak up on me like that.
I'll be glad to help—but there had better be something in it for me!

You don't have to ask twice.

Here is a beautiful flower!

This flower makes you feel sleepy.

Well aren't you needy!?

This is the best I could find.

This flower is very delicate.

I'm done helping you—you never gave me anything for my work last time.

You hear an angry hissing noise. An Olive Dragon pops out of a giant pile of leaves and stares at you menacingly.


Hsssssssss! <It snaps at your fingers and runs away.>

Hssssss hsssss HSSSS!

Talon Vine
This flowering vine has giant thorns.

HSSSSSSS! <It skitters off into the bushes.>
Walking along, a nearby tree suddenly bursts into fire! Wait... that was never a tree...

Is it hot in here? Oh, wait, that's just me.
I see you want to ASHE me a question.

A flower? I LAVA good flower!

Careful, it might cause a slight burning sensation.

Ominous Lily
This uncomfortably warm flower feels bad man.

Sorry but it isn't my rePUNsability to help.

You notice a peculiar fluffy dragon busying himself by somehow knitting what appears to be yarn spun of his own fur into a delicate-looking scarf. He's so engaged in what he's doing he doesn't notice you approach... or maybe he's just ignoring you.

...Yes? Do you need something? I am very busy.
You want... a flower? I do rather enjoy flowers... Perhaps I can do this for you.

Please be patient. Perfection cannot be rushed.

...Here you are. Please take care of it.

Cashmere Flower
This flower was hand-knitted just for you by the dragon the material came from.

Oh, it's you again. You want another one? You are lucky, I do not often give my time away so freely...

It is finished.

Cashmere Rose
Lots of care went into this knitted flower. It resembles a rose and is just as soft.

That is all the time I can give you. I must finish my work now so that I may have a nap.

You spy a Pink doing her best to keep a pack of youngsters of various breeds under control, but giggling, they run off. It is only when you hear his voice in your mind that you realise the motherly dragon is actually a male.

Oh My—those hatchlings!...Why hello there. Do you have another to add to the brood? I love Hatchlings.
Oh, a flower. Are you sure you don't want to help me hatchie-care instead?

I guess I can look for you... if you watch over these Little Ones while I am gone.

This flower looks interesting; I was sure you'd like it.

This flower has many round petals. The bright color is pleasing.

Another. Oh! I know just what you need.

This flower is wonderful for little hatchlings who are afraid of the dark—and little humans too.

Lantern Bulb
This plant glows warmly at nighttime.

I don't have time to look for any more flowers, but if you could help me with...oh, humans run fast.
As you're considering what dragon to ask for help, something suddenly attacks your ankle. You look down to see a Common Pygmy staring up at you excitedly.

Hey! Hi! Hello! Down here!
You want a dragon to get you a flower? I'm a dragon! I'm not be the biggest, but I'm the best!

Yeah! I'll bring you the best flower!

Here you go! ...Eh? It's a little small? H-hey, I tried really hard.

The Smolest Flower
This yellow flower is absolutely tiny. You have to squint to see it.

I'll find you a bigger one this time!

I found a bigger flower, but I couldn't carry it very well, so I got you this instead.

Curly Bloom
This flower has a curly stem.

I'm too tired to keep looking, sorry friend... Can I ride on your shoulder for a bit instead?

A Rosebud dragon is lying in the sun, and greets you with a kind smile.

Hello there. Isn't it just lovely out today? I saw all these lovely flowers on my way here.
Ah? You'd like some flowers to give to your friends? Of course, I'd love to help~

I saw some nice flowers in a clearing nearby. Wait while I fetch one!

Here you are. This one 'looks' quite lovely, hm~?

This flower looks like the head of an animal. You swear it is looking at you...

Ah, did I see any other nice flowers? Certainly, there was this nice tree... I'll show you!

There we go. Aren't these nice?

Its petals seem to fall easily when you shake it.

Hm? Oh, well, there was this other flower, it looked quite rare... Well, I suppose bringing one will be fine.

There. Be careful with it... Maybe ask your friend to plant some more?

Aurora Snowflake
It's colorful with a faint scent; the glowing petals feel almost cold.

I didn't see any other flowers while I was out. I think I'll take a nap now, if you don't mind.

You see a beautiful blue dragon sitting close to a cave. Everytime she moves, you see different shades of blue and red in her scales.

Hello there, how can I help you?
You need me to find some flowers? No problem; I will search some for you.

Sure, just give me some time; I will try to find a really good one.

I found this one; I hope your future mate will like it.

Daphne Lucae
This flower seems to glow.

One more? Ok I will be back soon.

This one smells good; I heard it would help to find mates.

Jade Peony
This flower smells fantastic!

I can't find more flowers, but you might have luck if you ask someone else?

A Script dragon, catches sight of you and stops bothering the rather relieved-looking Almandine to come harass you instead. You and the Almandine exchange glances just as the Script reaches you.

Hiya~ Do you need something, friend? I'm in a good mood. Kyahaha~
I can make you an enchanted artifact to gather mana ...what? You just want flowers?

A flower? Of course I can get you a flower, that's easy. Don't enchant it? Boooring... But alright.

Kyahahaha. It's perfect, isn't? No need to thank me~ Maybe don't touch it, I forget if it's poisonous.

Mystic Orchid
This purple cluster makes you feel odd and occasionally emits red sparks.

Ah, you need another one? Just leave it to me, I'll take care of it.

Here we are~ What? No, it's not enchanted! That, uh, must be a grass stain from the stem.

Flowering Echeveria
This small succulent has a surprisingly large flower stalk.

I've already done you a few favors... so you'll have to owe me one~ ...Wait, where are you going?

A movement out of the corner of your eye catches your attention but when you turn to look nothing is there. Turning back you're surprised to see a Shadow Walker standing there.

I greet you, Human Person. Oh! I'm so sorry I startled you. I should become more visible.
You would like a flower found? I would be honored to find you the best flower.

Yes, I will find you a wonderful flower!

Here, Human Person, I found you this delicious Pumpkin-y flower. It is delicious!

Pumpkin Flower
This appears to be a flower from a pumpkin vine

Yes, I will find even better delicious flowers.

Look, Human Person, I have found a flower for you.

Tiger Lily
This flower smells sweet.

I have found all the flowers now. Perhaps one should ask another dragon to look.

You walk along wondering who to ask for help when you spot a Shimmer Scale sunning herself on the grassy bank of the lake.

Oh, you startled me. You seem anxious, Little One. Why so upset?
A flower—this is all? But that is nothing to fret about. I will be honored to find you a blossom.

Since you have requested the humblest of things, I shall find you the best flower in my lake.

See here, the finest blossom you will ever see.

Water Lily
This flower is both delicate and beautiful, its sweet fragrance makes you smile.

Ah, I see you need more but are too shy to be so forthright. They must be special to you indeed.

This little beauty should impress your intended mate.

Fresh Water Pearl
This isn't a flower—it's a fresh-water pearl: misshappen, but with a beautiful lustre.

Perhaps someone else can find you some more flowers on land. I cannot go too far from water.

A Sinii Krai looks you up and down as you draw near. You can't be sure of his intentions but never the less you cautiously approach.

You know you are bothering me, don't you.
...seriously... well okay then.

I'm going, I'm going!

Have some pointless flowers. I have no idea what you could possibly need these for.

This flower seems to be more like a weed—and it stinks of the sea.

...Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Do you not have anything better to do?

Take these; they are dumb and I don't need them.

Did that dragon really destroy part of an ecological wonder for you? How touching.

Go away.

You spot a Snow dragon sleeping in some shade, apparently sleeping deeply. You approach anyway and gently wake him.

Huh? What? Why did you wake me up? I was having a nice dream...
You woke me up to find flowers?

I'm going, I'm going...

I found this delightful, shiny flower! Certainly brightened my day!

Shimmering Iris
This delicate flower gives off a faint glow in the night.

Sure! This is turning out to be quite fun.

Look at this one! It has such wonderful blue petals. I hope you like it too.

Spiral Lily
This flower is heavily contorted.

※ 關於這個植物:
The Spiral Lily - also nicknamed Mrs Squiggles - takes the second place, I think. This one isn't really based on anything, I simply wanted something blue - which is my favorite color - and unusual looking. Maaaybe that was a personal reference for my own lilies. Just maybe.

But I found you two already, and I'm still a little sleepy...I'm sure some other dragon can help.

As you scan the assembled dragons a Spirit Ward dragon near the edge of the forest catches your attention with his glow.

I sense you are troubled, human. Can I help you in any way?
I would be delighted to aid you. Perhaps a copy of my Guide to Spiritual Calm?

A flower? This is a strange request for me. Very well, I shall aid you as this will calm your soul.

I have found a lovely flower for you. I find its glow quite pleasant.

Dragon Arum
This flower stinks like rotting flesh.

Another flower? One wasn't sufficiently calming? Indeed; then I shall fetch one straight away.

I have returned, human. See this fine specimen? It emits a pleasant fragrance which I find soothing.

Blue Lotus
This flower is glowing slightly.

I fear I will lose skill at finding malevolence if I continue this. I ask you to seek aid of another.

You spy a few dragons playing a game in the nearby field—when the large Storm Rider lands nearby you quickly jog over to his side.

Well now... Come to join the fun? No? You seem troubled. How may I be of service?
How may I help you on your endeavor? Ah, a Flower. That explains it.Send

Very well, I shall search out for you the most delicate of rare blooms.

This should serve your needs. It is not as robust as I would like, but it suits you, it is more than it seems.

Enamel Orchid
This flower's sheen reminds you of glass, but its petals are as soft as silk.

Ah, cannot resist my electrifying charms I see.

I have searched far and wide and found for you this most wondrous of blooms.

This flower makes you smile—it reminds you of the local Solstice gathering.

I cannot help you any more, Human. The storm wind calls my name and I must answer.

You overhear a sunsong talking in the distance to a red fire gem. "Were you just talking to that Kingcrowne over there? Did he say anything about anyone... particularly that Blue Fire Gem?"

Oh! Hello human, don't you think those two would be a cute couple?
Yeah yeah, I can get flowers. Maybe some other dragons here would like some...

I'll go get you a flower. I might sneak one to that mint though. Say it's from the Omen. Trust me.

I think I scared him... he hasn't moved yet. They're meant to be together! Oh! Here's your flower.

Gale Blossom
This flower gives you a warm feeling like a friend coming home.

More? Perfect I can ask if that Olive is single. He would be perfect with that Fleshcrowne!

Oh! They looked at each other! So CUTE!! And uh, I found this thing for you. What was I doing?

Princess Flower
It looks delicate, but this hardy flower can survive in adverse environments.

Yes! Perfect! I was just talking to a Hellfire and she was talking about a Mutamore. Must investigate!

He just stepped on her toe, she was angry... I bet they're both just playing hard to get! Oh! Here.

Abyssal Starlight
This flower only blooms at night or in places that receive very little sunlight.

Sorry, but that I think that Gaia just whispered to the Garland! I bet he told her he loves her!

As you look around you spy a small Teimarr having a race with a much larger Storm Rider. They land, laughing, so you decide to ask the Teimarr for help.

Oh Hi there...whoops. Watch out..rough landing. Have to watch those sudden gusts.
A flower? You sure you don't want a nice fish for your friend? No? Um, what is a flower anyway?

Oh you need a pretty thing. That's no trouble at all. I can fly really far you know.

Here we go. What do you mean it's not a flower...? It looks exactly how you described...

Wait this isn't a flower--it's all squishy and the tentacles sting your hand a bit.

You need something else—you sure? That flower I got you was the best. OK then, I'll have a look.

Here we go. This will impress for sure...and it's a real flower too and all.

Coastal Daisy
This flower seems plain, but its leaves have an unusual silver sheen to them.

Sorry—I don't want to search any more. It's boring.

As you walk around a shadow swoops over you. You duck behind a rock and watch as an Ultraviolet dragon lands gracefully on a rock outcropping.

Oh hi there human. I thought you were an antelope and almost ate you but stopped. You're welcome!
A flower? Are you sure your mate wouldn't rather you give them a large chunk of raw meat?

If you insist. Wait here and don't move around too much, it might trigger my prey reflex.

Here you go! A lovely, uh, flower.

A chunk of blue crystal that has been pulled from the ground.

Another one? A real one? Well, aren't you pushy.

Here you are again. This one is a little more flowery I guess.

This flower has yellow petals and fuzzy green stem.

That's all I could find! Try fighting another human to impress them if this doesn't work.

Ahead in the distance there is a column of black smoke rising above the landscape. As you approach you see a lone blue and yellow dragon cheerfully scorching the desert flora.

Hello, human. I was just lighting these plants on fire. It's called a "hobby." What can I do for you?
Well, that's a bit of a "thorny" request, but I think I can manage it.

Wait here! Don't stand downwind of those burning bushes, though; I think they release poisonous gas.

Here you go! And look, it's got spines so no one will try to steal it from you!

What a nice flowe-OW!

Another? If you say so!

Another fine cactus! And if you get thirsty, it's full of water!

Fishglobe Succulent
These cacti are harbingers for storms coming to the desert.

That was all the flowers I could find. I may have "accidentally" burned the rest...

A pile of dirt next to you begins to shake. Suddenly a rotten arm bursts through the soil!

WHO DISTURBS MY DEATH RAWRR... Nah, sorry dude, just playin' with ya. What up?
They said, "You can rest when you're dead"—they lied. I guess I can get ya flowers.

I'll be right back dude, not even DEATH can stop me!

Hey you gonna eat that?

Cockscomb Celosia
You have no desire to eat this.

Sure dude, Chivalry isn't completely DEAD! Oh wait, are you a dudette? I can't tell.

Leave it to the DEAD guy to bring a rose.

It is indeed a rose.

Can't, I'm dead lol.



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